High Voltage Location

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04 19th, 2012

The SpringLoaded Building, originally the Sand Springs Power, Light and Water Plant, is a vital part of Sand Springs History and strategically located at the corner of Main and Morrow.  It is a complex building with an irregular shape and roofline that was built in several additions from 1911 to 1947.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places and it is about ready to make history again.  It’s sort of like out beer – vital, complex, irregular and ready to make history!

Sand Springs is a happening place!  Just a block to the south will be a massive Arkansas riverfront development. Plans call for the construction of a low water dam – creating an eight-mile long lake.  Wow!  Maybe someday in the near future you can boat up to get your SpringLoaded 6 pack.  An accompanying pedestrian bridge and bike trail will link a proposed mixed use development area on the north side of the river with venues on the south bank.  With approximately 42 miles of riverfront within Tulsa County, the Arkansas River offers a generous resource for the continuing development of outdoor recreation opportunities. Our Owners’ romance was sparked while cycling on Avery drive so maybe it’s befitting that there will now be a bike path paved to SpringLoaded’s front door.

What else is happening?  Glad you asked.  We are across the street from the newest planned development in the Tulsa Metro area – a 30 acre RiverWest Shopping Center.  What’s in a name?  SpringLoaded is poised to lead this area of commercial development into a vibrant future with the formation of SpringLoaded District!